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How to refill prescription early

July 26, 2019

How to refill prescription early

You’ve just realized that you run out of your prescription early and theirs nothing you can do to get it filled early. Well, there are a few things you can do about refilling prescriptions. Let me list a few options.

Legitimate reasons for Refilling Your Prescription Early

There are only a few of situations when you may be allowed to refill your prescription early:

  1. If your medication has been stolen and you have a police report to show your pharmacist, doctor or your insurance company
  2. There is a weather emergency expected [a hurricane for example] and you need to keep a supply of your medication at home in case you can’t make it to the pharmacy — that's some serious situation!
  3. You will be traveling and need to bring your medication for your trip

In this post we'll explore how to use proof of travel to get your script filled up to 7 days early.

  • Call the pharmacy and tell them your going on vacation and you won’t be around to pick up your script and you will run out before you get back. So it needs to be filled.

  • They will always ask for some type of proof ie a airplane ticket. There are a few options here as well.

    • You can buy a real ticket for $500+
    • You can waste hours trying to fake one
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Showing the pharmacist your trip and get your prescriptions filled 4 days early.

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