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Launching "Fake Flight Tickets"

July 27, 2018

Hello fellow travelers,

Like many of you, I've stumble upon the "Proof of onward travel" way too often. Especially while nomad-ing in South-East Asian countries. Many places (airlines, to be exact), such as Bali or Thailand, require a return ticket, before they check you in. I don't have an intention to overstay the visa period, but buying tickets a month in advance kills my flexibility.

I tried out a few sites that generate fake booking confirmations and temporary tickets and never been happy with any of them. Though paying for their services. So I decided to create a new site, that generates exact copies of booking confirmations, so I can use it myself. But also would like to share it, if some find it useful too.

Some more notes:

  • It's FREE while in beta.
  • Use at your own risk. Site takes not responsibility whatsoever for any consequences of use.
  • Pick an airline that's different from the one you are actually flying with.
  • Confirmation is an exact copy of confirmation. Let me know if you can spot the difference.
  • Itinerary numbers are unique. (but of course are not registered with a booking agent)
  • Flight information is real (real airlines, prices, flight numbers, duration, stops, etc…)
  • It does not create a PNR. (Afaik, most booking agents don't not create a PNR right away either for flights that are weeks away)
  • I've never been asked a proof of onward travel by immigration (YMMV), but always by airlines.
  • I've flew with a generated ticket last week to Bali — airline crew took my onward ticket, keyed-in the airline and flight number in their system (and probably date). They did not key-in itinerary number or booking number. I checked in successfully, without questions.

Would like to get feedback on this

  • What could be improved?
  • Are there good proven alternatives to faking onward tickets?
  • In your experience, which countries/airports have been strict and do verify the validity of tickets?
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