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Why fake flight tickets are not FREE?

August 07, 2019

Every now and then our customers tell us: "Your tickets are fake, why ain't they FREE?!"

Well, our tickets are indeed fake, however, they dont just contain random information on an arbitrary ticket template.

We take great effort and care to ensure that the information is accurate and precise on each "ticket" you receive. Providing that precision takes months of research and development. This continuous effort ensures information as accurate as possible and minimises your risks while using these PDFs — whether you are using as proof of onward travel or just to prank friends.

This process costs us money - paying researchers, testers, and senior software engineers. And, most importantly, we offer a significant value proposition for our customers. In exchange for this value - we are charging a small amount (starting at $5 - think of it as a Starbucks latte) and so you can get a fake ticket in just a minute or less!

If you were to try faking a ticket yourself - you'll likely to spend 3+ hours tinkering in Photoshop, only to find out some detail or data nuance was missed. Here at https://fakeflighttickets.com we gather feedback from thousands of travelers, just like you, to ensure our "tickets" are accurate and work in most use-cases.

Also, our customers love what we do and consistently give us 5 start reviews: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/fakeflighttickets.com

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